32 Best Ravi Teja Super Hit Movies List 2020

Known for his roles in action-comedy films, he’s appeared in over sixty films. He is among the highest-paid and successful actors in the Telugu film industry. He won the Nandi Special Jury Award in 1999 and 2002 for his performance in the movies Nee Kosam (1999) and Khadgam (2002) and also won the nation Nandi Award for best actor for his movie Neninthe in 2008. He’s famous for his collaborations with Puri Jagannadh that turned out to significant breakthroughs in his career.

His first appearance was in a Kannada movie Abhimanyu then began his career as a supporting artist in Karthavyam (1990) and played small roles in the movies Chaitanya (1991), Aaj Ka Goonda Raj (1992), Allari Priyudu (1993), Ninne Pelladata (1996) and Sindhooram (1997). Teja has also worked as an assistant manager for several Telugu movies.


Krack is an upcoming Indian Telugu-language action thriller movie written and directed by Gopichand Malineni. The film was produced by B. Madhu beneath Saraswathi Films Division banner ads. G. K.

Sindhooram 1997

Buliraju, a trainee police officer, is forced to join the Naxalite movement after he’s falsely charged by corrupt police officers and branded as a vigilante.

Ek Aur Haqiqat 1999

The competition between the households of Seetayya and Basava Raju contributes to the death of the former. Seetayya’s younger brother Ramaraju attempts to avenge his death.

Chiranjeevulu 2001

when running from the authorities, Charan, Giri, Chanti and Kiran reach a village where they face many problems. They get embroiled in a struggle against Satya Murthy, the unkind village head.

Khadgam 2002

After being victims of terrorism, an aspiring actor, a driver and a sincere police officer come together to prevent a terrorist from tripping and put an end to his plans.

Idiot 2002

Chanti, a young guy, is rescued by Suchitra when he’s beaten by thugs. He falls in love with her and attempts to woo her, but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Veede 2003

Yedu, a headstrong youth, approaches the regional MLA to close down a factory that’s been polluting his village. Unbeknownst to Yedu, the MLA has stakes at the mill and he plans to silence Yedu.

Oka Raju Oka Rani 2003

Ravi enjoys Preethi and wants to marry her but her dad hates such marriages because of her sister’s failed love union. In an effort to be with each other, they plan to cheat her daddy.

Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi 2003

Chandu is quite enthusiastic about his life revolves around his mother and his girlfriend. His life is ruined when his dying mother asks him to meet his estranged father Raghuveer.

Dongodu 2003

Madhava is made to be a robber in his village to feed his hungry sister. Madhava falls in love with the daughter of an unfair landlord, but a police officer eyeglasses Madhava for his own misdeeds.

Naa Autograph 2004

Old memories are revived as Seenu spreads his wedding invitations. He recollects the many love interests from his past, from his childhood like the woman who taught him to appreciate hard work.

Venky 2004

Venkateswarlu is led to Hyderabad to join the police force but finds himself embroiled in a murder on the train. When he joins the academy, he realizes that their boss would be the murderer. But, Chandu ends up making a massive mistake. However, things get complicated after he strikes the agricultural ministry with a rock.

Main Insaaf Karoonga two 2004

Ravi, a soldier, decides to care for his blind sister and the family property after his father’s death. But he soon comes into conflict with a corrupt MLA who wishes to buy his property.

Bhageeratha 2005

Bullabbai, the president of an island village, wishes to build a bridge between his village and the mainland. Having waited 20 years for this, he sends his son, Chandu, to look into the delay. Hence he joins his gang posing as Pavan so as to extract the gangster’s secret advice.

Vikramarkudu 2006

Sathibabu, who looks at Rathore, not only adopts his daughter following his death but takes his position as a police officer. His duty is to complete the evil Bavuji, who’s famous for his atrocities.

Mera Insaaf 2006

Sekhar and Madhurima’s happily married life is ruined when he is falsely accused of being a’Maoist’ by corrupt officials. Madhurima and Geeta, a journalist, attempt to prove his innocence but to no avail.

Khatarnak 2006

A smuggler makes Dasu join the police force to match his ulterior motives. But when Dasu joins a college to finish his schooling, he falls in love with Nakshatra, his instructor.

Neninthe 2008

Whilst movie director Ravi has to handle a gangster so as to enhance his career, his girlfriend, who’s a dancer, must manage her opportunistic brother-in-law. When a rival gang strikes and kills Raja’s family, Bhadra manages to rescue Anu and hides her in his house to protect her from the killers. This accomplishment leads him to a remote village, where he’s to get the real meaning of life. Madhumati falls in love with Seenu and tells him her tragic tale, and they both attempt to find vengeance.

Baladoor 2008

Chanti adores his uncle, Rama Krishna, over his own father. He helps his uncle defeat his enemy so he can fix the estranged brother’s connection and eventually end their misunderstanding.

Kick 2009

Naina divides with Kalyan, a guy who can’t stay put as he’s hooked ongoing on new adventures. She agrees to marry a policeman simply to find out he’s pursuing Kalyan. But not only is Sandhya the sister of a don named Shinde but also has an admirer in the kind of Jakka, another offender.
Attacked and frozen to death, a dead person is revived by a group of physicians with the support of a technology that brings back dead people alive.

Shambo Shiva Shambo 2010

Three challenging friends attempt to combine two lovers from rival families, which nearly ruins their lives.

Dongala Mutha 2011

Sudheer and Rani break down near a hotel and immediately realise they are in a do or die situation with a bunch of kidnappers. A businessman dedicated to his family decides to take things into his own hands after his sister witnesses a murder. Soon, secrets between his previous life come to light.

The Great Veera 2011

Shyam Sundar is an honest police officer that produces problems for a local don. When the don threatens to kill his loved ones, Veera is assigned to safeguard Shyam’s family and deliver the urge to justice.

Mirapakay 2011

Rishi, an inspector, must eliminate a mafia leader, Kittu, to be able to prevent his evil plans. He decides to lure Kittu’s daughter, Vaishali, to be able to pursue and detain the mafia leader.

Sarocharu 2012

A woman’s love for a techie goes in vain when she learns that he’s already married. But when he later demonstrates he is unmarried and had lied to her marriage, she feels cheated.

Nippu 2012

Surya decides to help his friend, Sriram, who’s accused of murdering his girlfriend, Vaishnavi. So as to accomplish this, however, he should deal with Vaishnavi’s dad and his nemesis, Raja Goud. He meets with her father to inform him that he loves his daughter, but unintentionally, Ravi kills him in a scuffle.

Devudu Chesina Manushulu 2012

The lives of two deadly orphans experience a series of upheavals as a result of a quarrel between Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. It all begins when both mortals are caught in the drama of a don’s life.

Balupu 2013

Ravi, who functions as a collection agent for a financial institution, realizes that a few cheats gullible people of their cash. He decides to give them a taste of their own medication and falls in love along the way.

Raja The Great 2017

Raja, a young guy with visual impairment, takes it upon himself to protect Lucky following a gangster tries to kill her. Inspired by his courage, Lucky falls in love with Raja.

Nela Ticket 2018

Nela Ticket, an orphan, is increased by Ananda Bhoopati, who is later killed by his own son, Aditya.

Amar Akbar Anthony 2018

Amar, a man with multiple personality disorder, sets out to seek revenge against people who murdered his loved ones. He comes across his childhood love, Aishwarya, who suffers from precisely the same disorder. Bullet struggles with the god of death and is sent back in the body of Ravindra, a minister who had been murdered by his own partners.

Disco Raja 2020

Attacked and frozen to death, a dead man is revived by a group of doctors with the help of a technology that brings back dead people alive.

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